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MI 11.09.


08:00 p.m., Schwaz, SZentrum, Silbersaal, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10

Judith Unterpertinger:4 mg für Pianoguts, Tomtoms und Tape (2019), UA
Kompositionsauftrag von Klangspuren Schwaz, gefördert durch das Bundeskanzleramt

Judith Unterpertinger (a.k.a JUUN), Pianoguts und Tomtom (Sound director: Wolfgang Musil)

Elisabeth Schimana: Monolith für Elektronik (2019), Uraufführung
Ermöglicht durch das Hilde-Zach-Kompositionsstipendium 2018

Elisabeth Schimana

Two Tyrolean women living in Vienna, two Hilde Zach Composition Scholarship holders, two artists who often work with electronics – and yet Judith Unterpertinger’s and Elisabeth Schimana’s compositions are extremely different. Visually, it is also a concert of contrasts because the traditional seating arrangement is broken up: The stage is in the middle of the room the listeners sit opposite each other on the long sides of the podium, where Judith Unterpertinger (aka JUUN) plays her new piece, 4 mg, on three so-called piano guts – dismembered pianos or ones removed from their frames.

After that, Elisabeth Schimana takes the audience by surprise with the massive sounds of her electronic Monolith pulsing from loudspeakers that hover eerily above the stage. But since both artists agree that conflicts can only be solved if people are willing to talk, Monolith disperses in the end into polyphonically interacting particles.