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FR 08.09.


22.00 Uhr, Palais Enzenberg Keller, Franz-Josef-Straße 27, Schwaz

Käthe Kruse Krieg – Performance (2014) AP
Käthe Kruse (Stimme) mit Edda und Klara Kruse Rosset (Schlagzeug, Stimme)

Schwaz and KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ  From 1982 to 1987 the artist and performance artist Käthe Kruse played percussion as a member of Die Tödliche Doris, which was founded in 1979/1980 by Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen as a conceptual music band with forays into film, visual arts, literature, and performance. Die Tödliche Doris spearheaded the West Berlin-based influential non-movement – the Geniale Dilletanten (sic!). In 1987 Die Tödliche Doris disbursed according to plan.

In her exhibition at the Galerie der Stadt Schwaz Käthe Kruse shows remains, relics, and artifacts from her time with Die Tödliche Doris, also addressing how she deals with its legacy. She will sing Lieder in Leder in the gallery spaces, half hidden within a leather column and accompanied by her daughter Edda on the leather-covered original drum set from the Die Tödliche Doris era. In the dim cellar of the baroque Enzenberg palace, which is where the gallery is located, Käthe Kruse will perform Krieg at a Late Nite Lounge, a piece in which with the help of her two daughters Edda and Klara she desperately tries to evoke the wars from the year zero to the present in a race against the unrelenting ticking of an alarm clock.

A co-production of the Galerie der Stadt