Klangspuren Schwaz
04.10.2018 16:17 Age: 228 days

FRI 09/14


8:00 p.m., Aula der Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät, Universitätsstr. 15, Innsbruck


Rebecca Saunders

a visible trace for eleven soloists and conductor. (2006) 21’

Fury II oncerto for double bass and ensemble (2010) 13’

Skin for soprano and 13 instruments (2015-2016) 26’


Ensemble Modern

Vimbayi Kaziboni conductor

Paul Cannon double bass

Juliet Fraser soprano


7:15 p.m. Introduction: Gunter Schneider, composer and musician, talks with Rebecca Saunders and Juliet Fraser

“What I’m interested in is the transition between non-sound and something concrete, the transition from silence into silence, from noise into sound.” Rebecca Saunders occupies a pre-eminent position among the composers of the young to middle-age generation. This is based on her powerful and deeply moving sensibility for the finest musical gestures and for tonal colors that have never been heard before as well as on her wealth of ideas to make musical processes manifest in spatial terms. Especially the noise parts of sound formation are what make up her musical material. She is inspired by authors like Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Italo Calvino, or David Foster Wallace. Rebecca Saunders is British, but has lived in Berlin for many years. She studied first with Nigel Osborne in Edinburgh and then with Wolfgang Rihm in Karlsruhe. Her work has won numerous prizes. The Ensemble Modern, as the leading international chamber ensemble for new music, is dedicating a portrait concert to her with three striking works she has only recently completed.  

The composer often prefaces her scores with the dictionary definitions of the titles of her works. a visible trace: paths, tracks and clues; a very small quantity; going back to the origins; delineating. Fury II is an extension for chamber ensemble of a major solo piece for double bass. Fury: not only an outburst of anger, but also a force of nature like a storm or epidemic; the  raging of madmen and “furies”. In 2017 Skin won the Royal Philharmonic Society Award and the British Composer Award. The work was created in close collaboration with the brilliant soprano Juliet Fraser. Skin: a taut flexible continuous outer covering or layering of the body or a film on the surface of a liquid or solid; the delicate membrane separating the body and its environment; touch but also to flay or molt, to remove the pelt of; to get under one’s skin, to penetrate so deeply as to irritate, stimulate, provoke; skin as a metaphor for transience.


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