Klangspuren Schwaz
04.10.2018 15:08 Age: 228 days

THU 09/13


8:00 p.m. Uhr, Treibhaus, Unterm Volksgarten, Angerzellgasse 8, Innsbruck


Hammond Avantcore Surprise Music between improvisation and composition with modules by Michael Wertmüller z. rat part VI – VIII (world premieres) and Stephan Wittwer


Steamboat Switzerland

Dominik Blum (hammond-organ)

Marino Pliakas (electric bass)

Lucas Niggli (drums)

Although already founded in 1995, the hardcore-new music-improv-rock band Steamboat Switzerland from Zurich can be considered one of the freshest and most radical band projects out there. The multi-idiomatic music of the Hammond Avantcore Trio hovers between improvisation and composition and eludes compartmentalization. The trio has played at various different venues, including the Donaueschinger Musiktagen, Lucerne Festival, Moers Festival, Patti Smith’s London Meltdown Festival or MaerzMusik in Berlin. Buried in improvised passages are composed modules by selected composers such as Felix Profos, Sam Hayden, Stephan Wittwer, or Michael Wertmüller. The latter is a kind of in-house composer who also wrote the new modules z. rat part VI – VIII for KLANGSPUREN as a world premiere. The Title z. rat part ... reveals itself upon closer inspection as a complex allusion to Mozart, Zierrat, and Rat Pack (notes: Zierrat mean ornamentation and Rat Pack, of course refers to the group around Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine...). Pushing the boundaries of playability, Dominik Blum deconstructs the nostalgic sound of his Hammond organ, Marino Pliakas supplies powerful riffs on the e-bass, and Lucas Niggli glides through the fastest and trickiest poly-rhythms on the drums. 


With support from Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council. Composition commissioned by KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ