04.07.2018 11:48 Age: 350 days

THU 09/06



7:00 p.m., Foyer im SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10, Schwaz


Starting up the sound machine


Paul Skrepek builder

Andreas Platzer operator


Admission free

The "Kasperl" Machine is an absurd sound machine, to some extent a cultural "waste" product in the spirit of Dada, Fluxus, John Cage, Jean Tinguely, toy construction sets like Fischertechnik, and Märklin model railways. Construction of the Kasperlmaschine began in the late 1980s with a hand puppet named "Herr Kasperl", which would try with more or less success and with the stoic elegance of its mechanical duty to hit a rotating cymbal. Herr Kasperl is the core of the from then on expanding contraption, of a "purposeless" apparatus, whose rickety, fragile construction method, inscrutable mechanisms, and unexpected sounds have proven acoustically and visually fascinating to people of all kinds and all ages. 


At the core of this work is this construction of connected acoustic apparatuses intended for musical communication. It is controlled and run by its builder–operator duo. Not only the smooth functioning but also the mechanical errors, the instances where operation diverges from the planned course, and even mechanical failure play an important role. In their unpredictability they provide surprising effects and articulate coincidences and accidents generated from human imprecision. Chaos, irritation, and failure are a welcome part of the sound machine concerts when builder Paul Skrepek and operator Andreas Platzer are busy getting the mechanical monstrosity to start and keeping it running.  


In the foyer of the SZentrum in Schwaz there will be concerts with the Kasperlmaschine live in action on three evenings; for the duration of the festival it will also be on display as a silent exhibition piece for all to admire. 


Exhibition 09/07–09/22/2018 

Kasperlmaschine concerts 09/07, 09/09, 09/20 at 10:00 p.m.