Klangspuren Schwaz
28.08.2017 08:41 Age: 298 days

SAT 09/30


7 p.m., Kunst im Regenbogenstadl, Georg-Rückert-Str. 1, Polling in Oberbayern


La Monte Young The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer

aus The Four Dreams of China – version for 8 trumpets – Marian Zazeela lighting


The Theatre of Eternal Music Brass Ensemble


La Monte Young is considered the founding father of minimal music after he started composing with a few sustained tones and rests in Trio for Strings in 1958. The Four Dreams of China (which was premiered in 1962 by the Theatre of Eternal Music) constitutes the link between La Monte Young’s first notated works with sustained tones and rests, his ties to the Fluxus movement, and his late works in open form, in which improvisation is tied to specified rules and elements. La Monte Young accidentally discovered his four “dream chords”, which are produced from the frequency relationships of only four pitches, each in pure tuning, and generate a harmonious music out of the fundamental tones and their overtones and combination tones. “As I listened to one of these sustained chords, I received a powerful image of the sound and timelessness of China. This feeling pervades the four Dream Chords (...)” The Second Dream... in the version for eight trumpets this piece consists of four tones that are gradually introduced by musicians positioned around the audience. The tones are played in such a way that each is begun at the point where the next tone as the overtone of the previous fundamental has swelled to fill the space. In this way a vibrating, harmonious space-sound structure is gradually produced which by eliminating the individual fundamental tones after about 90 minutes returns in the end to the point of departure. The version authorized by La Monte Young is led by the trumpeters Ben Neill and Marco Blaauw. The performance will take place in the Dream House, the magenta-infused light installation by Marian Zazeela in the lovely Upper Bavarian village of Polling, just south of Weilheim. Heike Friedrich and Ulrich Schägger have run the Dream House as a permanent installation for the past 16 years.   


Organized by Stiftung Klang.Licht.Raum in conjunction with KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ 

With support from Kunststiftung NRW Deutschland  

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