Klangspuren Schwaz
28.08.2017 12:19 Age: 298 days

FRI 09/22


6 p.m., Tiroler Landeskonservatorium, Konzertsaal, Paul-Hofheimer-Gasse 6, Innsbruck


Olga Neuwirth incidendo/fluido for piano and tape (2000) AP

Michael Cutting I AM A STRANGE LOOP V for Fender Rhodes and reel to reel tape machines (2016) AP

Naomi Pinnock Lines and Spaces for piano (2015) AP

Georg Friedrich Haas Ein Schattenspiel for piano and live electronics (2004)


Richard Uttley piano

Richard Uttley is an aspiring, curious, adventurous young pianist from London. In the innovatively selected program for KLANGSPUREN gender distribution and national provenance strike an equal balance between the UK and Austria. incidendo/fluido by Olga Neuwirth is an enigmatic piece full of breaks, shifts, deformations and at times sharper, at times more lyrical microtonal frictions. The piano is prepared and is made to sound unfamiliar using electronic sounds reminiscent of sinusoidal waves or ondes Martenot emanating from inside the instrument. In I AM A STRANGE LOOP V by the young composer Michael Cutting from Manchester Uttley leaves the grand piano behind. The work is a mysterious, melancholic-nostalgic dialogue between the sounds of a Fender Rhodes e-piano and the looped recordings being manipulated on two old-fashioned tape machines. Lines and Spaces by the Berlin-based British composer Naomi Pinnock uses a calm, reduced tonal language in which the individual sounds, lines, and spaces unfold in flowing freedom. Ein Schattenspiel by Georg Friedrich Haas is something like a piano version of an infernal machine. The music played on the piano is immediately recorded and played back a quarter-tone off and slightly shifted in time. The pianist struggles desperately to keep up with the electronic shadow of his playing until the end, when he has (hopefully) caught up.