Klangspuren Schwaz
28.08.2017 11:45 Age: 298 days

THU 09/21


6 p.m., Knappensaal im SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10, Schwaz


Manuela Kerer / Veronika Grossberger Villa Wunder – opera for children (2017) WP


Sigrid Pohl stage, lighting

Martin Mallaun zither, everyday objects

Sophie Abraham violoncello, everyday objects

Marek Zink acting, dance

Villa Wunder is a perfectly normal house – one with windows, doors, and a proper roof. And yet this villa is different than the other houses in the village. It makes music using all the things in it: the door handle, the whisk, the water faucet. Villa Wunder can make music with anything it finds. But one day the house is left rattled and shaken by an earthquake that leaves nothing in its proper place. Will the objects find their way back to where they belong? With the help of the lovable but clumsy maintenance man Sale and his fun-loving broom Pepe – the two of them are inseparable day and night – the objects set out in search of their proper places and the special sound of their rooms. In the course of the piece the two musicians who help the maintenance man Sale in his “mission” become his loyal companions. And of course they would never manage without the help of the audience. 


The South Tyrolean composer Manuela Kerer doesn't just compose for zither and cello but for all the everyday household objects as well: whisk, basin, egg slicer, and toys. Martin Mallaun, Sophie Abraham, and Marek Zink – all are musicians accomplished in improvisation – all pitch in and together they will try to bring order back into Villa Wunder. Villa Wunder plays with the all-too-familiar poles of order and chaos and shows that in the end there is something beautiful about both.           


Co-production Jeunesse, KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ, Transart, Theaterfestival SteudlTENN