27.09.2016 12:41 Age: 3 yrs

SAT 09/17


8 p.m. Viehversteigerungshalle, Rotholz 362a, Buch b. Jenbach


Elena Rykova 101% mind uploading (2015)

for 3 performers, piano, objects and percussion

Stefan Prins Flesh+Prosthesis #0-2 (2013/2014)

for amplified quartet and 4-channel soundtrack

Michael Wertmüller Skip a beat (2012)

for Ensemble Nikel

Clemens Gadenstätter Sad Songs (2012)

for saxophone, electric guitar, percussion and piano


Yaron Deutsch electric guitar

Patrick Stadler saxophone

Brian Archinal percussion

Antoine Françoise piano

Alfred Reiter sound management

The “New Boys on the Block” – a headline about Ensemble Nikel might have read after its sensational success at the 2012 Donaueschingen Festival, though the quartet has been around since 2006. With the kind of instrumentation one might expect in a rock or jazz ensemble – saxophone, electric guitar, drums, and piano – the “band” aims at a modern sound between electronics, electric amplification, and acoustic instruments, at youthful energy and dynamic, at “power”, at an exquisite, specific repertoire.   From the Donaueschingen program of 2012 the ensemble will perform two pieces by composers of the middle generation. Both were born in 1966 and because of their radical aesthetic have remained young pioneers.  One main objective of the Austrian composer Clemens Gadenstätter is the interrelationships between “hearing – understanding – composing”. His Sad Songs explore the “polymodality of hearing” when experiencing such emotions as fear and sorrow in music.  “Music beyond the bounds of what is possible” – precisely this is the ambitious goal of the Berlin-based Swiss composer and drummer Michael Wertmüller. Skip a beat is a piece of music that radically ignores the limitations of the material, the excessively high demands on performers and listeners, and is characterized by extreme virtuosity in producing poly-temporal layerings and constant metric shifts – a (vain) attempt of “taming of expressive ecstasy”.  The Belgian composer Stefan Prins, born in 1979, is on the lookout for the drastic challenge of all musical conventions. In his three-part piece Flesh+Prosthesis #0-2, dedicated to Ensemble Nikel, Prins creates from the dialectic of heavily manipulated digital samples and live instrumental sounds a “multi-dimensional (hyper)-hybrid body”.  Born in Bashkiria in 1991, the Russian Elena Rykova is one of the youngest artists at the festival. As an experimental composer and improviser she writes works that are a cross between music theater, performance, and concert installation.

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