22.05.2013 19:55 Age: 6 yrs

SAT, 09/28



Silbersaal in the SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10, Schwaz


6 PM

Franz Schubert String Quartet in G minor D 173
Helmut Lachenmann 2nd String Quartet No. – Reigen seliger Geister


7 PM
Intervall: Conversation with composer Michael Wertmüller and Matthias Osterwold, artistic director of KLANGSPUREN


Michael Wertmüller String Quartet WP
Work commissioned by KLANGSPUREN with support by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet No. 13 in B flat Major Op. 130 with Great Fugue in B flat major Op. 133


Quatuor Diotima

The closing concert of Klangspuren 2013, like a concave mirror, focuses once again on the main theme of the festival. Quatuor Diotima will perform four exemplary string quartets in two full programme halves with a long interval in between. Two historical works – an early Schubert quartet from 1815 (he was 18 years old) and Beethoven's late work, String Quartet in B flat major with the Great Fugue from 1826 that, like a hinge, forge a path to the Romantic – frame two modern works: the second quartet “Reigen seliger Geister” by Helmut Lachenmann and the world premiere of Michael Wertmüller's first string quartet. Lachenmann interprets the “Dance of Blessed Spirits” (“Reigen seliger Geister”) – a Romantic motto derived from an Opera by Gluck – as a play on perception: “Tones plucked from the air” – 'air' plucked from tones”. Wertmüller's hypercomplex, intensely compact, harsh music initially sounds anything but “Romantic”, but beneath this lies the energy of a romantic, radical compositional temperament that searches for boundaries and breaks through them.

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