The call for applications is aimed at young musicians from all over the world who are close to  finishing their studies and who are interested in taking on the special challenges of twentieth- and  twenty-first- century music. In accordance with the main theme of the festival 2020, Transitions, the masterful Romanian-German composer Adriana Hölszky will rehearse a selection of remarkable contemporary compositions in  collaboration with the tutors of the Ensemble Modern and the conductor Johannes Kalitzke.  These works will be performed during the festival. In addition to the classical master classes, the academy offers an improvisation-course with clarinettist and saxophonist Frank Gratkowski.

All applicants must apply through the Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Academy online system by 13 April

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Hotel Karwendel, Höttinger Au 84a, 6020 Innsbruck,



Haus der Musik, Universitätsstr. 1, 6020 Innsbruck,



The responsibility for arriving in time and for arranging departure lies solely with the participant.  More information and travel tips for arrangements will be made available to accepted participants on  the International Ensemble Modern Academy online platform of the Klangspuren webpage.



€ 400 (includes: bed & breakfast, participation fees, transfers and meals on concert days). A cancellation fee of € 150 is levied up to six weeks before the start of the course, the full fee has to paid if the participant fails to deregister.



Academy participants receive free admission to all festival concerts. Each participant is entitled to  two free tickets. (In June you will find the detailed festival programme here:


The International Ensemble Modern Academy at Klangspuren 2020 is again offering an improvisation class. It is being taught by the Berlin-based clarinettist and saxophonist Frank Gratkowski, who has extensive experience in different ways of improvising. This new additional offer in the curriculum is open to everyone interested in improvisation. Students can work together on basic techniques of improvising as well as on models for structuring their improvisations. The results of the rehearsals will be performed both in the improvisation class’s own public concert and also in the so-called Wandelkonzert.


Frank Gratkowski – Improviser in Residence:

"The workshop focuses on instant composing, which for me is improvisation with a deep sense of form and structure. It includes listening and reaction exercises, communication, complementary thinking/playing (meta-instrument), counterpoint, motivic and structural development, transformations of textures, working with musical boundaries in order to create form and structure, musical games, and graphic scores. Together we shall develop a piece, like a wonderful, unpredictable journey in which everybody should find his/her place."


The final programmes of the International Ensemble Modern Academy at the festival Klangspuren and the concerts will be scheduled after the application have been sighted, on the basis of the pieces mentioned below.


06 Sept               Arrival until the evening for those from abroad

07 Sept                  12:00 noon, Haus der Musik, Innsbruck (Universitätsstr. 1, 6020 Innsbruck                                  official opening International Ensemble Modern Academy at

                                 Klangspuren Festival

                            Start of rehearsals (compulsory attendance!);

                            7:30 p.m., Improv Talk with Frank Gratkowski (compulsory attendance!)

08–11 Sept            Masterclasses at Haus der Musik, lectures and round tables

11 Sept                   5:00 p.m., Improvised Interventions at the shopping mall in Schwaz

                                 8:00 p.m., Klangspuren festival opening concert at SZentrum Schwaz, Silbersaal,

                            Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10, 6130 Schwaz (compulsory attendance!)

12 Sept                  Masterclasses at Haus der Musik

                            4:00 p.m., Wandelkonzert at Haus der Musik (compulsory attendance!)

13 Sept                  Masterclasses at Haus der Musik

                                 5:00 p.m., Concert and Talk with Adriana Hölszky at Museum der Völker,

                                 St. Martin 16, 6130 Schwaz (compulsory attendance!) 

14–16 Sept           Master-classes at Haus der Musik, Innsbruck

16 Sept                  8:00 p.m., Academy in Concert with Johannes Kalitzke at Haus der Musik

17 Sept                  9:30 p.m., Improvisers Concert with Frank Gratkowski at Haus der Musik

18 Sept               End of Academy and departure


Johannes Kalitzke (conducting)

Johannes Schwarz (woodwind section)

Dietmar Wiesner (woodwind section)

Hermann Kretzschmer (piano)

Rumi Ogawa (percussion)

Valentin Garvie (brass section)

Megumi Kasakawa (high strings)

Eva Böcker (low strings)




t +43 5242 73582





Conducting – flute – oboe – clarinet – bassoon – horn – trumpet – trombone – piano – percussion – violin – viola – violoncello – double bass


The final program of the KLANGSPUREN IEMA and the academy concerts will be scheduled after the applications have been sighted, based on the pieces mentioned below.


Programme Klangspuren IEMA 2020 download (pdf)

Brochure Klangspuren IEMA 2020

download (pdf)