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Klangspuren Schwaz
01.08.2017 10:58 Age: 3 yrs

SAT 09/09



7:00 p.m., Treibhaus, Turm, Angerzellgasse 8, Innsbruck


Chris Mann any questions? – voice performance (2017) AP

Noch Fragen? – Any Questions? Who is this man named Chris Mann from a German family that fled to Australia during Nazi rule and who has been living in New York for quite some time? He refers to himself as a “compositional linguist”. He performs his texts in a highly musical, incredibly dense, complex, polymetric manner. And these texts – printed as a book without a cover, page after unnumbered page in tiny writing on the cheapest of paper – serve as both the content and the abstract reflection of this content, in a style of language that combines Australian street jargon and sophisticated theory. Could perhaps James Joyce, the author of Finnegan’s Wake, have been a role model? 


What do others say about him? Herbert Brün: “Exactly,” Daniel Boyarin: “Disreputable,” Annea Lockwood: “Voice as vortex,” Charles Mingus: “Mindfuck from Australia,” Claire Mandel: “Chris Mann uses language like a gangster,” Henri Chopin: “Magical,” Alvin Lucier: “A composer of extreme rhythmic complexities that have deeper meaning than words can ever deliver.” In any case this year’s KLANGSPUREN motto was taken from his text any questions? His own tenet: “Language is the mechanism whereby you understand what I’m thinking better than I do (where ‘I’ is defined by those changes for which ‘I’ is required).”