Programm ab 2010

Klangspuren Schwaz
27.09.2016 12:20 Age: 4 yrs

THU 09/15


6 p.m. Treibhaus, Roter Salon, Angerzellgasse 8, Innsbruck


New works by the young participants of the composers’ workshop KLANGSPUREN LOUDER


Sebastian Tannhäuser Kaleidoscope

Elias Jocher Jordan

Tobias Falkner Shadow

Elias Gäbler Duale Einsamkeit

Raphael Gaar De la Nada (Aus dem Nichts) 

Anna Lehner Somewhere under the Rainbow

Benjamin Buchberger Scheinbar Mühelos


Boglárka Pecze clarinet

Caleb Salgado double bass

Cathy Milliken overall direction KLANGSPUREN LOUDER

The composers’ workshop KLANGSPUREN LOUDER is an extension of the music workshop LOUD. It is aimed at young people between the age of 12 and 18, and since 2012 participants not only learn graphic notation but above all also work with staff paper and pencil, composing for two selected instruments. This year with the support of Cathy Milliken (composer, oboist, and for many years the director of the education program of the Berliner Philharmoniker) and Dietmar Wiesner (composer and flutist with Ensemble Modern) the participants Benjamin Buchberger, Florian Buchberger, Tobias Falkner, Raphael Gaar, Elias Gäbler, Elias Jocher, and Anna Lehner will be composing pieces for clarinet and double bass, consulting with the musicians Boglárka Pecze (clarinet) and Caleb Salgado (double bass), discussing their compositional ideas in terms of playing technique and sound production, testing and putting their ideas into practice. The freshly composed pieces will be publicly premiered on 08/18 in Imst as part of the composers’ workshop, after which they will also be performed before an audience for the first time at the KLANGSPUREN Festival.

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