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07:30 p.m., Schwaz, Silbersaal, SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10

JOHN BUTCHER QUARTET (world premiere)

Liz Allbee, trumpet
Tiziana Bertoncini, violin
John Butcher, tenor- + soprano saxophone
Ståle Liavik Solberg, drums + percussion

Second premiere: The British saxophonist John Butcher has put together a remarkable quartet for Klangspuren ’21. Ståle Liavik Solberg, Paul Lovens’s Norwegian counterpart, makes his drums “speak”. In this respect, the violinist Tiziana Bertonicini need not worry that he will drown out her delicate tones. Davies brings her extensive experience in interpreting contemporary music to the quartet. American trumpeter Liz Allbee developed similar affinities at Mills College in Oakland. She is known to use special instruments, like the quadraphonic trumpet – which she uses to render the slightest breath electro-acoustically audible – or a natural trumpet that she often plays without a mouthpiece. Combined with John Butcher’s equally sensitive playing, the quartet promises to delight audiences with exquisite improvisations.