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SUN 09/12
11:00 a.m., Innsbruck, Haus der Musik, Großer Saal, Universitätsstr. 1
€ 23


Sarah Nemtsov: weggeschliffen for string quartet – with amplification and effects ad libitum (2018), AP, 18’
Wolfram Schurig: bagatellen for string quartet (2018–2021), WP of the complete cycle, 35’
Commissioned by Klangspuren Schwaz and the Bludenz Festival for Contemporary Music, funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport and the State of Tyrol and the SKE Fund
Malika Kishino: naki-ryu ii for string quartet (2018), 35’

Quatuor Diotima:
Yun-Peng Zhao, violin, Constance Ronzatti, violin, 
Franck Chevalier, viola, Pierre Morlet, violoncello

In the music world, ‘bagatelle’ is associated first and foremost with Beethoven. Because the master of the symphony composed a whole series of miniatures, which stood out markedly from earlier character pieces due to their formal succinctness. In the twentieth century Anton von Webern and György Kurtág were his worthy successors in the art of the musical aphorism. But Wolfram Schurig has no intention of continuing the tradition. The title bagatellen does not allude to a possible aphoristic brevity of his four pieces; instead, it refers to the fact that only a single musical principle dominates each of the four pieces. Each of these four musical building blocks are examined from all sides until every possibility has been exhausted – the apparent simplicity is in this way gradually transformed into extreme complexity. The world premiere of Schurig’s bagatellen cycle, the first of which was performed at the Bludenz Festival for Contemporary Music, is flanked by works by two extraordinary composers: Sarah Nemtsov, from Germany, and Malika Kishino, from Japan. While the latter musically traces echo effects in Japanese temples, Nemtsov radicalises techniques that Mozart already employed in his "Dissonance quartet", KV 465. The textures are intensified further by electrically amplifying strings compressed through tremolo, glissandi, or rubbing.

Radio broadcast: Ö1, Zeit-Ton on 09/21, 11:03 p.m.