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SUN 09/20
8:00 p.m. Innsbruck, Haus der Musik, Großer Saal, Universitätsstr. 1
€ 18

Klangforum Wien

Clara Iannotta: a stir among the stars, a making way (2019/2020), UA, 20'
Commissioned by Klangforum Wien and Klangspuren Schwaz
Liza Lim: Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus (2017-2018), 41'

Klangforum Wien
Sophie Schafleitner, violin
Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

The closing concert of the festival Klangspuren ’20 will once again be performed by Klangforum Wien, which was originally scheduled to be on tour in China this September. It will be performing the world premiere of a stir among the stars, a making way by the Italian composer Clara Iannotta, which couldn’t be played until now because of the lockdown in March. Liza Lim’s Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus also strikes a warning note. The Australian composer’s piece symbolizes the disappearance of various animal species and the pollution of the world’s oceans with subtle gestures and with music that gradually dies out itself, formulating a contemplative diminuendo that echoes the one in Klangspuren’s opening concert. Without periods of pause there can be no progress.