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09:30 p.m. Schwaz, SZentrum, Silbersaal, Andreas-Hofer-Str. 10

Georg Grawe Trio

Georg Graewe, pianoforte
Peter Herbert, double bass
Wolfgang Reisinger, drums

The Bochum-born pianist and composer Georg Graewe skillfully straddles the border between composed and improvised music. Even in his absolutely free-improvised sessions his music sounds as if it had been inspired by the Schönberg school. His compositions, on the other hand, give the interpreter so much freedom that they often seem downright playful despite their strict formal structure. After decades of playing in a trio with cellist Ernst Reijseger and drummer Gerry Hemingway, Graewe moved to Vienna and founded another trio in 2013. Of course his new trio partners have plenty of musical-envelope-pushing experience of their own – Herbert from working with Franz Koglmann and Reisinger from the Vienna Art Orchestra.