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THU 09/05


7:00 p.m., Schwaz, Museum der Völker, St. Martin 16


Lydia Jeschke will talk with this year’s Composer in Residence of Klangspuren Schwaz, and together they will examine the underlying principles of his musical thinking. These will be demonstrated by means of the following works:

iv 8 string trio (2009/10), austrian premiere

iv 9 for flute, oboe, clarinet (2008-2010)

iv 13 Miniatures for string quartet (2014/17), austrian premiere

un-fini I for solo harp (1995)


Mark Andre, Composer in Residence

Lydia Jeschke, SWR2 music editor, moderator

International Ensemble Modern Academy participants



New music as viewed from the inside: The audience is given deep and rarely gleaned insight into the musical thinking of Mark Andre through another new IEMA format: the conversation concert, in which the SWR editor Lydia Jeschke will not only intensely question the Alsatian Composer in Residence, but acoustically demonstrate his compositional principles by presenting live performances of excerpts from several of his works. After hearing these important, carefully selected sections from Andre’s chamber music compositions, the audience will, of course, also be treated to the entire piece. A vibrant discourse, which will show a wide audience including interested non-experts how Andre’s view of the world, which stems from his Protestant faith, is reflected in a hauntingly quiet music that borders on the barely audible.