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SUN, 22/05/2016


from Ala in the Trentino and Kufstein in Northern Tyrol to the castle Franzensfeste/Fortezza


Zefrey Throwell Idea, concept
Wolfgang Mitterer composition, arrangement

With 7000 Singers!

In a certain sense the artistic element is part and parcel of titanic undertakings, because pathetic failure and glorious success lie close to each other on a narrow precipice. The American artist Zefrey Throwell repeatedly wanders along this ridge. Along with the composer Wolfgang Mitterer and 7,000 singers, he plans to premiere the fourth movement of his Entropy Symphony and put the Trentino-Tyrolean Euregio to an acoustic test covering the area from Ala to Kufstein. At a distance of about 30 to 50 meters the singers will sing to one another, performing components of a canon, both from north and to south, until both sound chains reach the geographic midpoint of this historic location, making the fortress Franzensfeste the showplace of the greatest naturally occurring crescendo – since hopefully all singers will descend on the fortress for a final canon. This joint undertaking by the South Tyrolean Festival TRANSART and the North Tyrolean Festival KLANGSPUREN rests on the support and participation by the three large chorus associations of Trentino, South Tyrol and North Tyrol. The project, however, is to be understood as open to all: spontaneously formed groups of singers are as welcome as other choral groups from all over Europe. EntropySymphony Movement IV is to become a vocal signal transcending all borders. Wanted: 7,000 singers!