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SAT, 26/09



5 pm – 1 am Uhr, Damiani-Holz&Ko AG LignoAlp, Produktionshalle, Julius-Durst-Str. 68, Brixen


Gustav Mahler Trinklied
Dieter Ammann Le réseau des reprises
Johannes Kalitzke Angels Burnout Graffiti
Georg Friedrich Haas in vain
Bernhard Gander fluc’n'flex
Beat Furrer linea dell’orizzonte
Terry Riley In C
Uli Fussenegger San Teodoro 8.1


Klangforum Wien
Bas Wiegers conductor
Hannah & Elia Fine cooking

Merano Wine Award Fine wine


A cooperation between KLANGSPUREN & TRANSART. Shuttle bus at 3 pm from Schwaz via Innsbruck 3:30 pm to Brixen. Return from Brixen 1:30 am. Shuttle, food and drinks included.

Since 2001 Klangforum Wien has been celebrating its musical Symposion – An Intoxication in Eight Divisions – at chosen locations, with selected new and newest music, with exquisite wines and choice food. In this manner Klangforum has discovered how to revive the “banquet” known since Greek antiquity and present it in contemporary musical dress, as described by Plato: an intellectual, enthralling and enthusiastic exchange between philosophic, here musical thoughts, as a pleasurable dispute and argument between differing points of view – the act of thinking as a delight inspired by Eros, wine and food. The symposion co-sponsored by TRANSART and KLANGSPUREN is held in the ambiance of the sweet-smelling factory hall of a manufacturer of wooden houses in Brixen, amidst wood stacks and machines, contributing a welcome olfactory addition to the sumptuous offers for spirit, eyes and ears. In eight parts – spread over about eight hours – the symposion leader guides the participants relaxing on comfortable seats and cushions through an idyllic and varied landscape of musical works, starting with Gustav Mahler’s drinking song and ending with an expansive improvisation by the double bass player Uli Fussenegger, proceeding through works by Enno Poppe, Johannes Kalitzke, Georges Aperghis, Franco Donatoni, Georg Friedrich Hass, Bernhard Gander, Beat Furrer and Terry Riley. Pieces, musicians and listeners merge into a unit engaging all senses, and, liberated from the conventions of the concert business, celebrate an acoustic experience that is rare in its intensity. An abundance of food and drink are available, as is a comfortable bus for transporting sober guests to the event and intoxicated guests homeward.