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WED 23/09


7 pm, Dom zu St. Jakob, Domplatz, Innsbruck


Charlemagne Palestine Tintinnabulations for Tomorrow and Tomorrow


Afterwards: Procession from the Dom zu St. Jakob to Hofkirche. Klaus Lang is playing an organ portative

Charlemagne Palestine, born in 1945, might be called the enfant terrible of the American avant-garde. He is among the pioneers of minimal music. Even as a child he loved singing lengthy held drones in synagogue. He subsequently trained as a cantor, but also played the carillon at the Episcopal Church next to the Museum of Modern Art in New York at the age of only 16. From the very beginning, the physical quality and impact of the sound of bells has fascinated him. Palestine developed his own playing technique for the keyboard instruments carillon, organ and piano – strumming, i.e. the rapid and polymetric repetition of keyboard strokes, allows the player to create mighty, shimmering clouds of sound with an extremely rich and variable range of overtones. The 48-bell carillon at the Cathedral of St. Jacob in Innsbruck – the largest in Austria – has certainly never sounded like this before. Usually, Charlemagne Palestine surrounds himself with a collection of colourful, three-faced teddy-bears. Another essential prop is a bottle of cognac. What a shame that this view will remain hidden from the listeners installed in the lounge-chairs in front of the Cathedral, since the console of the carillon is hidden high up in the tower. Carillon players need a good head for heights!