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FRI 18/09



9 pm, Museum der Völker, Sankt Martin 16, Schwaz


Amelia Cuni voice
Werner Durand invented wind instruments
Hilary Jeffery trombone
Robin Hayward microtonal tuba, tuning vine
Ralf Meinz live sound, electronics

Tonaliens is the name of a newly founded ensemble from Berlin which has dedicated itself to the exploration of the inner dimension and outer limitations of just intonation, the pure system of tuning on the basis of whole or prime-number interval ratios. The digital interface Hayward Tuning Vine developed by the tuba player Robin Hayward is used to navigate within pure intonation. The harmonic space is explored using voice, trombone and tuba, invented instruments, sinus waves and live electronics. Amelia Cuni, trained as a dhrupad singer in classical Indian music, produces melodic lines interwoven with microtones that transcend European tradition. They are shaded by Hilary Jeffery’s trombone, given a foundation by Robin Hayward’s microtonal tuba, and ornamented by Werner Durand’s homemade wind instruments constructed from PVC and by electronic processes – the result is quiet music with a maximum of inner tension and concentration.  In cooperation with Museum der Völker