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FRI 11/09



7 pm, Kurhaus Hall, Stadtgraben 17, Hall i.T.


James Tenney Critical Band
Hannes Kerschbaumer stele.blut for arabian speaker and orchestrea with text by Nouri and Rami al-Jarrah WP
Commissioned by Akademie St. Blasius
With support of Bundeskanzleramt | Kunst und Kultur


Akademie St. Blasius
Karlheinz Siessl Dirigent
Nouri al-Jarrah speaker
Hannes Kerschbaumer speaker


8 pm

Nouri al-Jarrah is reading his own poems


With support of


Co-production KLANGSPUREN, Akademie St. Blasius and SPRACHSALZ
Readings and discussions of SPRACHSALZ take place at 11/09 (5 pm to midnight) at the Parkhotel

This concert, which has been planned and produced jointly by KLANGSPUREN, the Akademie St. Blasius and the 13th International Literature Festival Sprachsalz and takes place at the Kursaal in Hall, offers a two-part programme with strong contrasts. It begins with an icon of minimalist and micro-intervallic composition: Critical Band by James Tenney for 16 or more instruments with permanent tone production spreads out over its duration of about 20 minutes, beginning with a single note A at 440 Hz (concert pitch) and spreading in imperceptible transitional increments (“critical band” being the scientific term for the threshold of perception between two tones that are close neighbours) to a shimmering, radiant A-major chord of pure intonation. In his non-musical references, Hannes Kerschbaumer has recently been dealing with depressing subjects. After the disturbing staged multi-media work luce nera featuring recitations from Chilean torture reports, which had its world premiere at KLANGSPUREN 2014 performed by TENM, the Tyrolean Ensemble for New Music, his latest work, stele.blut for Arabic narrator and orchestra, is a setting of texts by the Syrian poet Nouri al-Jarrah and his son Rami. Nouri al-Jarrah, who lives in London, is known for his politically pointed writing. Without redoubling or illustrating the highly current texts, Hannes Kerschbaumer manages to develop an autonomous musical idiom which keeps a distance through its complex texture of sound fields; it is especially this distance which contributes to making the difficult subject matter resonate clearly. A co-production of KLANGSPUREN and Akademie St. Blasius; readings and panel discussions at Sprachsalz take place on Sept. 11 between 5 pm and 12 am at the Parkhotel