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THU 10/09


7.30 pm, Knappensaal im SZentrum, Andreas-Hofer-Straße 10, Schwaz


Introduction: Matthias Osterwold, Artistic Director or KLANGSPUREN, presents the composers of the eveningh




8 pm, Silbersaal, SZENTRUM, Andreas-Hofer- Straße 10, Schwaz


Carlo Ciceri [Vɔiz] for electric guitar, electric cello, percussion, electronics and orchestra WP

Work commissioned by KLANGSPUREN Schwaz

Gerhard E. Winkler Anamorph V (Wolfsschluchtmaterial mit Schmuggeltänzen) for electric ensemble and orchestra WP

Work commissioned by KLANGSPUREN Schwaz

Georg Friedrich Haas concerto grosso No. 1 for 4 alphorns and orchestra


Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck
Francesco Angelico conductor

Simone Beneventi (percussion)
Séverine Ballon (violoncello)
Francesco Zago (electric guitar)
Paolo Brandi (sound design)

Hornroh Modern Alphorn Quartet

Balthasar Streiff
Michael Büttler
Jennifer Tauder
Lukas Briggen

ICST – Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology
Johannes Schütt / Fredy Bohner (Ambisonic Diffusion)

Once again, the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra Innsbruck (TSOI) opens the Tyrolean Festival of New Music KLANGSPUREN Schwaz in 2015. In the beginning of the programme of the festive concert conducted by the orchestra’s chief conductor Francesco Angelico features world premieres of two works which KLANGSPUREN commissioned from the young Italian Carlo Ciceri, a resident of Lugano, and from Gerhard E. Winkler from Salzburg. At the end the Tyrolean orchestra offers the Tyrolean premiere of the concerto grosso No. 1 for four alphorns and orchestra by Georg Friedrich Haas. The work by Ciceri with the odd and hard-to-write title [Vɔiz] and the piece by Gerhard E. Winkler with the even more mysterious name Anamorph V (Wolfsschluchtmaterial mit Schmuggeltänzen, or “Material from Wolf’s Glen with Smugglers’ Dances”) were written for the experimental ensemble RepertorioZero from Milan, consisting of electric guitar, electric cello, (object) percussion, live electronics and orchestra. There are new challenges both for RepertorioZero and TSOI here: RepertorioZero has never worked with an orchestra before, and TSOI has no experience with sound elements processed by live electronics. At the end of April 2015, therefore, there was a first working phase with Carlo Ciceri and the orchestra, trying out unusual playing techniques and sound combinations. Gerhard E. Winkler has long been a specialist for the treatment of sound via live electronics. The live electronics and amplification are generously supported by ICST (the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology) of the Zurich Academy of the Arts. concerto grosso No. 1 was commissioned by the Bavarian Radio / musica viva, Wien Modern, the Tonhalle Zurich and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. The Hornroh Modern Alphorn Quartet has gained completely new, valuable and encouraging experience in this first cooperation as soloists playing with an orchestra. The orchestra, on the other hand, will be confronted with great challenges of intonation by the sophisticated micro-intervals prescribed by Haas’ score. With support of Pro HelvetiaRadio programme: Ö1, Zeit-Ton, Mon, 21.09., 11.03. p.m.