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THU 10/09



6.30 P.M., Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Palais Enzenberg, Franz- Josef-Str. 27, Schwaz



Gordon Monahan Kinetic Audio Transmissions
Gordon Monahan A Piano Listening to Itself




Beatrix Curran 4VS Music Performance by Beatrix Curran and Roland Gaberz


The exhibition runs from September 11 to October 26, 1015

The exhibition at the Gallery of the City of Schwaz entitled Fidelity offers works by the Canadian Gordon Monahan and the Australian Beatrix Curran – two artists who have dedicated themselves to questions of musical concept art, but take different approaches. Gordon Monahan: Kinetic Audio Transmissions – A Piano Listening to Itself
Gordon Monahan is one of the most original musical brains produced by Canada. He is known for his experimental works with pianos, loudspeakers, video, theremin, kinetic sculptures and computer-controlled sound environments, which are presented as concert music, multi-media installations or acoustic art. The two works Kinetic Audio Transmissions and A Piano Listening to Itself use similar physical and mechanical phenomena, implemented both as installations in the interior and the exterior space. Amplified audio signals and recordings of collected concrete noises or classical music are used to control small so-called solenoid motors kinetically; their movements make long strings resound, and these vibrations are then transmitted to diverse objects and musical instruments, such as glasses, boxes, drums or, in the open air, a piano or grand piano, which make the incoming signals audible as bodies of resonance. Thus, these objects function mysteriously as loudspeakers, without a normal electro-magnetic loudspeaker having been involved at all. The piano installed on the square in front of the church of Schwaz is stimulated via lengthy strings strung from the roof of the beautiful baroque Palais Enzenberg, home of the Gallery. As if from a distance, romantic piano music emanates from the sounding board of the piano, and occasionally spherical sounds enter the mix when erratic winds sweep into the Inn valley, making the long Aeolian strings resound by refracting the wind. Beatrix Curran: 4VS
Beatrix Curran is a young Australian artist living in Vienna. She exhibits the text-photograph series 4VS. The cryptic title is an abbreviation for what Curran calls the “Fourth Viennese School”. Making reference to the “First Viennese School” of the classical composers Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, the “Second Viennese School” of Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern, the “Third Viennese School”, by which Curran describes composers such as Olga Neuwirth, Beat Furrer and Klangforum Wien, by 4VS she characterizes the current Viennese music scene, marked by openness, hybrid mixtures and internationality, as it has developed among clubs, galleries, salons and other environments. Read as a whole, the texts accompanying the series of photographs form what might be described as an essay on Curran’s hypothesis. Beatrix Curran performs under her musical alias Battle-ax at the Late Night Lounge at p.m.k. in Innsbruck on September 12, 2015 at 10 pm. The exhibition runs from September 11 to November 7, 2015