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THU 10/09


noon, Stadtplatz, Schwaz, 6 pm in front of the Church Maria Himmelfahrt, Schwaz

Hornroh, the experimental alphorn players gathered around Balthasar Streiff, open the festival at noon on the Stadtplatz and at 6 pm in front of the Church Maria Himmelfahrt. After the PRELUDE of RENT A MUSICIAN on September 6, now we have the UPBEAT of KLANGSPUREN 2015, featuring Hornroh, the experimental, modern quartet of alphorns from the urban milieu of Basel. Hornroh plays indoors and outdoors on the alphorn, the “Büchel” (a similar instrument), lur, animal horns and seashells, offering the ensemble’s own compositions, improvisations and (commissioned) works by other composers. Hornroh has purified the alphorn sound of any folkloristic kitsch, aired it out and given it new energy. The ensemble is unique and fabulous. Playing natural-tone fanfares on the Town Square at noon and on the square between the city’s church and the Gallery of the City of Schwaz at 6 pm, Hornroh gives the powerful signal for the beginning of KLANGSPUREN.