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19.000 Kids

KLANGSPUREN MOBIL is a small yet quirky bus, fully loaded with orchestra instruments traveling through Tyrol, reaching out to schools and other educational institutions with a two hour workshop, with no requirement of any previous musical knowledge. Operating under the motto “there is no right or wrong” it allows each member of these heterogeneous classes to have equal access to all the instruments included in the program and invites the workshop participants to explore and experiment with the instruments at their own pace. They actively learn playing techniques, as well as sound possibilities, thereby gaining a broad introduction to playing music, as well as the experience of creative collective music making. Two tutors accompany the participants in their journey to get acquainted with the world of the instruments of an orchestra, guaranteeing many moments of wonder throughout the experience, dissipating any present inhibitions, and fostering a sense of community. 

Mobil 1.0

The KLANGSPUREN MOBIL 1.0 workshop enables participants to learn to perceive music and sounds in a new way. They are instructed playfully to draw tones from the different instruments, to imitate animal noises and other sounds of nature – for instance, can you imitate the sound of rain on a violin? Which sounds more like a donkey, a French horn or a double bass? – and to experiment with different rhythm and beat combinations. The highlight of the workshop is a presentation of a sound story under the direction of a conductor, handpicked from the workshop’s ranks.


MOBIL*DING*DONG is a special format of the KLANGSPUREN MOBIL workshop that was developed in joint cooperation with “Bilding – school of art and architecture for children”. Bilding serves as an experimentation platform for creative design. With its attractive architecture of sonorous materials such as wood and glass, the building itself can be played and is as such a wonderful addition to the instruments of KLANGSPUREN MOBIL: fine arts and music have a space to meet – the architecture of the Bilding centre becomes both a part of the new compositions as well as the stage in which to present them. 

Klangspuren Mobil is a collaboration project between the Innsbruck branch of the Mozarteum University Salzburg, department for music pedagogy, and Klangspuren Schwaz, Tyrol New Music Festival.

Dates will be available soon!

Mobil 2.0

The KLANGSPUREN MOBIL 2.0 workshop explores musical instruments with a focus on emotions: how can you express emotions with different instruments? E.g. anger, grief, joy, happiness – how do these feelings sound? The participants create short stories around the sounds they discover, which are notated as graphic scores and ultimately performed as a group.