Founded in 1993, KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ – the annual Tyrolean festival of contemporary music – provides a stage for performances, encounters, and for the exploration and exchange of new musical ideas.


With a different thematic focus each year, KLANGSPUREN aims to present a survey of the fascinating, diverse panorama that the music of our time offers. KLANGSPUREN values open discourse, participation, partnership and actively seeks encounters with locals as well as visitors from abroad. The entire beautiful region of Tirol provides the festival’s playground. Here, the most cutting-edge and modern forms of music as well as many young composers and musicians are presented. In keeping with 2016 festival motto "Young Stars. Comic. Cartoon. Graffiti." KLANGSPUREN pinpointed young stars in the heaven of new music, an upcoming generation of musicians with fresh concepts and provocative ideas. The KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY (KLANGSPUREN IEMA) is an offshoot of the renowned International Ensemble Modern Academy IEMA in Frankfurt and was founded in 2003, the same year as IEMA itself. It has developed into one of the festival’s most successful projects. By founding IEMA 13 years ago, Ensemble Modern, the world-famous specialist new music ensemble, has demonstrated its conviction that the next generation of professional musicians requires training and education in new music. From the beginning, KLANGSPUREN has been a partner in this endeavour with its two-week IEMA academy – more than a sufficient reason to present IEMA in a larger dimension than usual, in its full breadth and depth.


Our special thanks for supporting the KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY go to Tourismusverband Innsbruck.


Let KLANGSPUREN take your ears and eyes on exciting adventures – we look forward to your applications!


Matthias Osterwold, Artistic Director








Since its founding in 2003, the International Ensemble Modern Academy IEMA has presented its own master course at the festival KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ. With its diverse curriculum and resulting concerts, the KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY has developed into one of the Tyrolean festival’s most successful projects. The high level of the master course is guaranteed by the tutors who include not only members of Ensemble Modern, but also great personalities who have put their mark on the different seasons as Composers in Residence: György Kurtág, Helmut Lachenmann, Steve Reich, Benedict Mason, Michael Gielen, Wolfgang Rihm, Martin Matalon, Johannes Maria Staud, Heinz Holliger, George Benjamin, Unsuk Chin, Hans Zender, Hans Abrahamsen, Wolfgang Mitterer and Beat Furrer. The Composer in Residence of the 2016 academy and festival was Enno Poppe. He is one of the internationally outstanding composers of his generation and is also widely acclaimed as a conductor of contemporary music and as the leader of Ensemble Mosaik.


The results of the work completed by the fellows of the academy in Schwaz were presented in concerts. For the first time in the history of the KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY, the participants performed together with Ensemble Modern musicians, joining the Ensemble Modern Orchestra EMO in opening the festival KLANGSPUREN on September 8. The Ensemble Modern Orchestra was founded in 1998 as one of the world’s first orchestras devoted exclusively to 20th- and 21st-century music. The Ensemble Modern musicians formed the backbone of the orchestra, complemented by additional experienced instrumentalists and new music experts. The opening concert in Schwaz featured not only the participants in the Tyrolean academy, but also current fellows of the one-year master’s degree course which Ensemble Modern holds in Frankfurt am Main – IEMA Frankfurt.


The festival’s Composer-Conductor in Residence Enno Poppe led the Ensemble Modern Orchestra in his own orchestral work Keilschrift, in the world premiere of Blood Beat (Reloaded) 


by the Austrian composer Bernhard Gander and a world premiere of Run Time Error (new version) by the Danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen.

Works for chamber ensemble by Iannis Xenakis, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Raphaël Cendo, George Benjamin and Enno Poppe, which were the focus of the KLANGSPUREN IEMA, have been performed in the final academy concert in Innsbruck on September 10. The academy participants played additional smaller works on September 4 as part of RENT A MUSICIAN – a popular series of short concerts in Tyrolean family homes. On September 9 IEMA Frankfurt ensemble performed works by Enno Poppe, Hakan Ulus, Andreas Dohmen, Simon Steen-Andersen in the city of Hall as cooperation of KLANGSPUREN with SPRACHSALZ literature festival. On September 11 the extended KLANGSPUREN IEMA project concludes with ENSEMBLE MODERN in Schwaz, played the famous peace Black Box by Simon Steen-Andersen and music by the young composers Johannes Motschmann, Martin Grütter and Steingrimur Rohloff.


The participation of the master course musicians and fellows of IEMA Frankfurt at Ensemble Modern Orchestra is made possible by funding from the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Germany.


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