Klangspuren Schwaz





In 2014, KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ – Tirol New Music Festival will cast its gaze north to the Nordic countries. Here, deep and melancholic introspection, yet also unconventionality and a fondness for farce and absurdity coexist. Composers and musicians from lively music scenes in Norway, Denmark and also Iceland will take centre stage, where they will encounter new works from Tyrolean, Austrian and international composers. This year's festival will also focus on the adaptation and use of traditional folk music instruments and idioms from the Nordic countries and the alpine region, such as the Hardanger fiddle and the Tyrolean violin, joik and yodelling, the alphorn, kantele, zither, hammered dulcimer, cimbalom and accordian.  


Renowned contemporary composers and ensembles from Nordic countries will be juxtaposed with exceptional Tyrolean new music ensembles. Individual evening programmes will unite works from diverse artistic worlds. This dialogue of contrasts also extends to this year's choice of Composers in Residence: the aesthetic worlds of the great Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen and the Tyrolean composer and performer Wolfgang Mitterer could not be further apart. Both composers will feature on various concert programmes and will also work with young musicians from around the world from 2nd –15th September as part of the 11th KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY. The results of this cooperation between participants, instructors and the Composers in Residence can be heard at two closing concerts where an extremely challenging and extensive repertoire will be performed. In addition, the young and talented musicians will also take on the challenge of the short concerts that make up the extremely popular series "Rent a Musician" on 7th September, when musicians and their audience spontaneously meet in the intimate setting of Tyrolean living rooms.


The great tradition of the musical pilgrimage along the Way of St. James in Tyrol will continue westward from Arzl im Pitztal via Imsterberg and Zams to Perjen. The Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck will open the festival on 11th September under the baton of its new Principal Conductor Francesco Angelico at the SZentrum's Silbersaal in Schwaz with a Danish/Austrian programme. The young Tyrolean percussion group, The Next Step, who were recently awarded the "Tiroler Landespreis für zeitgenössische Musik" (Tyrolean regional award for contemporary music), commissioned a work by East Tyrolean Wolfgang Mitterer that will be premiered at the Viehversteigerungshalle (livestock auction hall) in Rotholz. And many more experimental treasures and adventures for the ears and eyes await festival audiences.
The detailed programme will be published at the end of May.  


Matthias Osterwold, Artistic Director 


The KLANGSPUREN International Ensemble Modern Academy is an offshoot of the renowned International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) in Frankfurt and was founded in the same year as IEMA, in 2003. The KLANGSPUREN International Ensemble Modern Academy is central to KLANGSPUREN and has developed into one of the most relevant and most successful projects of the Tyrolean festival for new music. In 2014, in accordance with the main theme of the festival – music from the Nordic countries and from Austria – the masterful Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen and the outstanding Austrian composer and performer Wolfgang Mitterer act as Composers in Residence. In collaboration with the instructors of the Ensemble Modern and the conductor Brad Lubman they will rehearse a selection of remarkable contemporary compositions. 

Takes place on the second Tuesday of every month  in the bookshop liber wiederin in Innsbruck or elsewhere from April to October 2014. With this event series the festival aims to give insight into the multifaceted world of new music.

This workshop for musicians and composers from 8 to 18 years of age will take place in Imsterberg for the seventh time running in 2014. And an additional, advanced workshop in composition KLANGSPUREN LOUDER will be held also.

This programme for children from 5 years of age takes its young participants on an exciting journey of the senses every Tuesday at 2 p.m. Green poison-dwarves, the middle-ages, blueberries and three-legged carrots... what do they all sound, smell and taste like?


Hans Abrahamsen and Wolfgang Mitterer are the 2014 composers in residence of the KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADMEY (09/02–09/15/2014) in conjunction with the KLANGSPUREN Festival. The composers will work with academy participants intensively for ten days.


Everybody can learn to sing, you just have to dare to give it a go and, more than anything else, believe in yourself. Under the direction of experienced choirmasters, the adult course participants learn how to manipulate their own voices in a playful and fun way. There are also courses for advanced singers in Innsbruck and Kufstein. The new courses are starting in February and March.


KLANGSPUREN ON WHEELS, a big car filled to the brim with all the instruments of a symphony orchestra – and a few more. On tour in Tyrol since March 2010 under the motto “Pick them up, try them all”. Schools, preschools, after school care centres, socio-pedagogical centres, play groups, care facilities for disabled people and many more can register for this service.