NOCH FRAGEN? ANY QUESTIONS? – The 24th installment of the Tyrolean Festival of New Music KLANGSPUREN shifts the coordinates of accepted gender asymmetry to the tally sheet of contemporary music. In doing so, the music of women quite naturally comes to the fore. In their originality, quality, and stubbornness the works of female composers and performers become experienceable as important and rich contributions to the ongoing developments in new music, yet without excluding music written by male artists – it is a question of emphasis. The Russian-Tatar composer SOFIA GUBAIDULINA, the grand old dame of new music, is the composer in residence of both the KLANGSPUREN festival and KLANGSPUREN INTERNATIONALE ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY. The detailed festival program will be announced in late May.


With Sofia Gubaidulina as the Composer in Residence of KLANGSPUREN 2017, this year’s INTERNATIONAL ENSEMBLE MODERN ACADEMY and KLANGSUREN FESTIVAL is all about an encounter with one of the major composers and characteristic voices of contemporary music

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