Klangspuren Schwaz
23.09.2016 12:22 Age: 303 days

SUN 09/25


3 p.m., Alte Talstation Panorama, 39040 Seiser Alm


Boris Filanovsky Cantus with Cleansing for Seven Guslari (2016) UA

based on poems by Eugene Ostashevsky (from: The Unraveller Seasons, 1998-2000)


The Gusliars folk singers from Montenegro

Vladmir Djurišić artistic director

The Russian composer Boris Filanovsky incorporates the tradition of the guslari, performers of the Balkans, whose songs are a mix of narration and epic poetry about war and heroes, but also about love and everyday life. They accompany themselves on the gusle, or gusla, a simple, often very ornate one-stringed instrument held between the knees of the player. The single string is twisted from 30 horse hairs. The guslari tradition is widespread throughout Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania and has been around for centuries. Although guslari normally perform solo, Boris Filanovsky brings together several musicians to create an ensemble, allowing them to interact and compete. By layering the narrowly defined microtonal melos of each of the players and their individual intonations and having the performers sing the texts – Group Portrait with Massacre and fragments of two other poems from the The Unraveller Seasons cycle by Eugene Ostashevsky – in English, Filanovsky reinterprets the tradition and gives this old song form a new deconstructed and ambivalent identity. This is already implied in the name of the ensemble “The Gusliars”, an anagram of the term guslari rearranged to contain the word “liar”. Even more delicate and ambivalent is the word “cleansing” in the title of the work. On the one hand it alludes to an ethnic-political context, something the Balkan countries have in the recent past been brutally subjected to, on the other hand it also suggests a moral-ethical “purification” in the sense of a “catharsis”.


Boris Filanovsky, born in Leningrad/St. Petersburg in 1968, studied composition in his hometown. He was also a student at IRCAM in Paris and attended courses and master classes with Sergej Berinsky, Louis Andriessen, Paul-Heinz Dittrich, and the Arditti Quartet. He is co-founder of the Structural Resistance Group (StRes) and artistic director of the eNsemble of the Pro Arte Foundation in St Petersburg and the “Pythian Games”, a composers’ competition, founded by himself, with anonymous performances and public voting. His music has been performed by Schönberg Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Studio Neue Musik Moskau, Orkest De Volharding, Musica Aeterna, Da Capo Chamber Players, and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, among others. In 2013 Filanovsky was a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program. He currently lives with his family in Berlin. In his work Filanovsky draws inspiration for his compositional techniques from the rich avant-garde repertoire; formally he prefers open forms, rejecting a fixed work idea and control over the ultimate sonic outcome. Instead he initiates uncontrollable processes and performance situations with which he can create a kind of sound realism that is the expression of social empathy, negation, and deconstruction and also allows ambiguity, irony, and reinterpretation. “I believe that in light of hopeless suffering all words about the elevating effect of art are hypocritical. Only a documentary approach can be honest, but without Formalism this too is unthinkable.”


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Whoever wants, can join the British sound researcher Chris Watson, who will be setting out at 10:30 a.m. from the mountain station of the Alpe di Siusi Aerial Cableway on a hike to Peterlunger Lacke (watering hole). There one can immerse oneself in the deep-sea sonic world of prehistoric times, when the Dolomites still lay at the bottom of the sea.


A production of TRANSART in conjunction with KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ. With the support of the DAAD Artists-in Berlin Program.

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